Since I was a child I would make a journey around the world. There were those who wanted to be lawyers, professional football players, or astronauts… Well, I wanted to become a traveller! In my small room I planned and plotted. My accomplice was that old atlas from primary school. I was often thinking that someday, I would have the courage to leave and to lose myself in the ways of the world. Everyone laughed, and asked me why I had such a dream: human beings have already come to know the depths of our oceans, climbed the highest mountains, reached the earth’s poles, ploughed through the waves of the oceans, met foreign people… I was told there was nothing more to discover, that I had arrived late. Right? No, I don’t think so.
That sailor who ploughed through the Oceans, that traveller who told stories about the people he met, were not me. We all have probably dreamt about their enterprises, their joys, their sacrifices, maybe even reading their stories as we sat on a comfortable couch. I grew up with such books, even if I believe that their true authentic emotions, in the end, only belong to them. They are feelings raised by striking lonely places, by populations with different culture, by art treasures, by contacts with a primitive and pure nature. They are the emotions of a discovery different for each single man. It doesn’t matter how many people have already made that way, because the eyes and the hearts that experienced each situation are different, as the feelings and the sensations will be always personal and intimately our own.
My dream is to throw myself into the Adventure, feeling free to run after my curiosity, full of enthusiasm to have different experiences and make them my own. I would like to understand from the inside foreign cultures, customs and traditions of people different from mine. I am proud of my own culture, but I am willing to compare it with others, as a way to learn and improve upon myself.
I believe the only way to accomplish this, is to leave as soon as possible. I am 29 years old and before I create my own family and devote definitively myself to the working life, I wish to achieve my dream: the world journey. This experience will be my rite of passage to maturity, with all the responsibilities and problems involved therein. Travelling around the world will allow me to create my own precious patrimony of knowledge, enriching my mind and heart, as a man.
I think that this experience could definitely change an individual, placing a huge distance between the person who is going to leave and the one who will come back. I have decided to take this great step.