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19/07/2004 - Puerto Madryn,Argentina - 11/07/04

Puerto Madryn, 60 km north of Trelew,Patagonia.In your journey from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia you have to stop there for two principales reasons.
First, to se whales in the near Peninsula of Valdes.Second,but not less important,the Margarita Pub :)
And about this last, if you want to know about the architecture (absolutely normal)of the pub,ok,but if you want to know about people there (pretty girls maybe? :) Sorry,from my mouth anything more about Margarita pub,absolutely. Oh yes, you can try to discover some news more on books or guides about Argentina,yes. But maybe the best solution is to go there and see with your own eyes :)
So I have to tell you about whales,ok.You can go to see them with a big boat or with a little boat;I chose the little boat.And obviously the sea was rough...and the wind strong.The boat was full of people,really full of Argentinian turist because I was in Puerto Madryn in the week end of Independence Day.The sailor,bastard, decided not to divided people in two groups,only one!The navigation was difficult on the hight waves,some people were worried.And this bastard sailor told us only:"Please donīt go all togheter in the same side of the boat to photograph whales,if not the boat can capsize!". All people as little angels..."yes sir"!At the end we saw the end people went in the same side to take photos of whales,but I`m still writing you...we were lucky only!
Whales are beautiful funny little animals, of 16 metres sometimes.And they are curious too.You want to see them, they want to see you.They stay near the boat (sometimes two or more whales),they raise the tail to say ciao,sometimes they jump from the water but unfortunately I didn`t see it. Sometimes they pass under the boat,and you hope only that ...they pass.You know,maybe it`s like in the human race,it can happpen that some playful teenager whale want to make some stupid jokes only to be funny...and the water it`s so cold :)
But Peninsula of Valdes isn`t only whales,it means guanacos (as lama),mara (as big hares),choiques(as little "struzzi") and beautiful landscapes of wild "pampa" (plain?).
So you understood,you have to stop in Puerto Madryn if you want to see beautiful animals with legs or flippers,the same if you want to see black or blond animals...with only two legs (yes,those in Margarita pub! :)
In Puerto Madryn I chose "El Gualicho" youth hostel,not so big,familiar atmosphere,and with fantastic people at the reception.Lucia,Facundo,Nelson,thanks!
Sorry,another thing,the last,but very important for your health.When you will be in front of Lucia (I know that you will find her funny ,intelligent and enough pretty) please remember that probably she will be still the girlfriend of Nelson! Ask before... :)

11/07/2004 - Buenos Aires/Argentina - 06/07/04

Buenos Aires isn`t a beautiful city.But I think itīs an interesting city.Because new hight buildings with walls of glass often stay from the side of old baroque buildings without any armony of aechitecture.Because while I was walking and smiling with Maria, seeing a big old boat, now a restaurant in the port, she told me it was the boat with whom she left definitely Uruguay to come in Argentina. It happened 30 years ago,she was one.Because the poor Boca district,with sheet metal and wood made old houses,painted in different bright colours, it`s lively and vital.Because some people with whom I passed beautiful moments.Because in Placa de Mayo for some people the war of Falkland Islands (Malvinas)isn`t still finished.Because the funny moment when I toke the picture to the blonde girl in La Recoleta cemetery :) Because somewhere in the city, even where the life runs with frenzy to develope business, hoping in a better future, there are plates remembering people desaparecidos in 70`,years of the military dictatorship.Because the nightlife.Because many people knowing I was Italien, tried to remember some Italian words or some memorys about Italy that their parents or grand parents,italian emigrants in Argentina,told them.They were proud of Italian roots,but most part of them didnīt have the possibility to come to visit Italy and relatives.The plane ticket costs too much.
Buenos Aires is the main door to visit Argentina. Lots of friends that I met in the hostel wanted to stay here only one two days before to move.And often days became 4-5 ,a week,sometimes more. I think that if you will be a little pacient after your arrival in Buenos Aires,you will find many your own "because" to appreciate this city.
To discover Buenos Aires I stayed in Milhouse Youth Hostel. Fantastic.Situated in an old building, in the centre of the city,very well organized,it accomodates people from all over the world.Yes, lots of people,lots of friend :) It has inside it free internet,a pull,a big common area, a kitchen, a tv satellite,a travel agency to plan trips in Argentina,a laundry,a...
Melina,Marina,Alex,Mercedes,...are at the reception to be stressed from your questions about Buenos Aires.Thank you!

06/07/2004 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - 06/07/04

New photos and films updated!!! See you soon.Ciao!

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